XDynamics Evolve Carbon Fiber quadcopter drone

At first glance, the XDynamics Evolve drone looks like any other generic Chinese made budget rc toy. At second glance, it still looks like a generic drone with that same bubbly look, generic LED lights and well, really ugly, for lack of a better word. In comparison to the Mavic Pro, it really is not the most attractive drone in the market especially for the price of 2,499.00. But looks cant be everything. The remote control of the Evolve is pretty amazing, with first of its kind dual screen controller with two separate brightness screens, multi touch panel and ultimate computing power with a whopping 64-bit quad core CPU, 4BG of ram and social media management, this is more like a home computer in the sky.
It is said the Evolve is the worlds first carbon fiber quad copter, yes the shell is carbon fiber,  the chassis is constructed with 3K twill carbon fiber which will provide super light weight footprint and extremely strong.  I will not get too much into this drone as you can google it yourself, but my initial thought was that this is not the prettiest drone in the  market, but i am more than sure it will provide beautiful steady image quality in the sky.