Spektrum Smart technology Lipo Batteries – Smart or not?

Spektrum has released a new line of “Smart technology” Lipo batteries, but are they all that smart or simply another gimmick?  These new batteries with a build in circuit board are said to take care of themselves while storing unique data such as chemistry type, cycle count, charge rate, error log, and more, plus programming options to custom tailor the Smart LiPo battery to your needs. Although this sounds smart and innovative to say the least, my concern is how much more weight will be added to these batteries, and is it really that necessary? We usually fly our models for 5 minutes and land, not to mention new radios have a build in voltage meter, do we really need to keep track of cycle count and charge rate? perhaps this will be useful for bigger models with a bigger price tag but in my opinion this might just be another fancy way for Spektrum to pump out another so called technology. Your thoughts?