Spektrum iX20 20 Channel DSMX Transmitter Radio is here

The iX20 by Spektrum is a full 20 channel radio system for your RC planes helicopters gliders and even drones. At first glace, we see the biggest change its ergonomic aspects, with a longer overall size housing a huge color display panel might seem futuristic and even helpful for those with bad eye sight, but at a cost of heavy radio system and extremely difficult to hold in your hand, a big drawback in my opinion.

The Spektrum iX20 comes with a new SoC firmwear Rockchip 3288, which is significantly faster than the Allwinner A33 that comes with the iX12, and the channel processor is now an STM32 variant at 100MHz (vs an NXP on all older designs except the DXe)

It adds 2 extra trimmers on the shoulder and 2 extra 3-pos switches to the control layout, the first time additional inputs have been added since to a handheld Spektrum TX since the DX18G1 debuted. It also appears to get a new 8 pin serial interface (vs 4 pin on the iX12), a rear camera, no included charger (USB charge only), but a larger 10,500mAh 1s pack (vs 6000mAh on the iX12)

Sure this might be the radio of the future and i am sure will bring smile ear to ear for most RC pilots, but i just cant seem to wrap my head around this heavy unit i know it will be difficult to hold while piloting my planes. The upside of the radio ergonomically speaking is the thin profile which might be easier on the palm while holding the radio. Your thoughts?