Skydio 2 Skydio X2 Drone Quad Copter

The Skydio X2 and the Skydio 2 will be ready to ship Q4 of 2020. A quick review, this drone is made in the USA, unlike the DJI, true the DJI phisical shop is in the US but parts and manufacturing is in China.

at a price range of $1000, the Skydio drone comes with a powerful 4k camera running 60 fps smooth as butter and has sensors that put DJI to shame considering skydio is fairly a new company. This drone can follow you in a precise manner going around obstacles with its powerful  AI-powered real-time 360° obstacle avoidance and motion prediction capabilities and flight autonomy engine with a compact, lightweight air frame, making this fun blue little drone a must have for sports enthusiasts.

3.5 km RANGE 

Extended range using Skydio Beacon or Controller 

Less disruptive low altitude flight,  folding for smaller stowage 

Six 4K Navigation Cameras for  omnidirectional computer vision 



23 minute flight time with robust  and easy battery swap

First-of-its-kind vision-based  autonomous landing system 


4K60 HDR / 12.3 MP Camera  with 13 stops of dynamic range Autonomy specs Sensor Type Lens Video Resolution Formats Bitrate 

Sony 1/2.3” 12.3MP CMOS f/2.8, 20mm (at 35mm equivalent) 4K at 24, 30, 48, 60 fps 100 Mbps 

HD, UHD, UHD HDR 8-bit 

13 stops 4056 x 3040 (12.3MP) JPEG, DNG (RAW) 

Main Processor 

6 x Navigation Cameras Field of View Obstacle Avoidance Coverage Onboard AI 3D World Model Update Rate Subjects Tracked 

Tracking Load NVIDIA Tegra X2 

Sensor – Sony 1/3.06 ” Lens – f/2.5 360° 

Omnidirectional – above & below 9 custom deep networks  1 million points per second People, motor vehicles up to 10 simultaneous objects