Micro and Nano Servos for Ultralight RC Gliders

Blue Bird BMS-101AMG Micro Servos

These micro Blue Bird servos are optimal due to their low weight, high torque and high speed signature running on a single cell 4.8 volt lipo batteries. Click here for more information on this servo

Turnigy TGY-D56MG Micro Servos

This Turnigy TGY-D56MG coreless servo motor has excellent holding power, metal gear footprint, light weight at 5.6Grams.
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MKS DS65K Servo

The MKS DS65K Servos are Excellent DLG wing servos with an amazing low weight of only 6.5 grams, offering a whopping torque of 1.85 kg-cm / 25.7 oz-in on a single cell battery. The perfect servo for your rc gliders, rc airplanes and other rc toys.
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Corona DS633BP Digital Micro Servos

Corona servos are well known in the RC hobby as to servos. At 6.2 grams of weight, and a holding power of 0.82kg.cm on a single cell lip bettery, these servos are fantastic. Click here for more info on this servo.

Turnigy TGY-0025 Nano Servos

The lightest servo of the group, these are new to the market and offer an exceptional weight to torque ratio. At 2.5 grams of weight and 0.7kg/cm@4.8V of torque. Click here for more into.

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