Discuss Launch Gliders (DLG) and Stunts

Discuss Launch Gliders (DLG)

If your objective in this RC DLG Gliding hobby is to perform stunts, your best bet is to go with a DLG Glider that has 4 channels. Rudder, elevator, ailerons and of course having flaps programmed on the wings of the plane will most defensibly allow you to perform stunts such as power dives, slow dives, ease of thermal lift and swoop dives. Of course having full control surfaces one can perform loops, barrel rolls, axes rolls and what have you. Of course when it comes to Discuss Launch Gliders (DLG), the fun factor starts from the launch using the wing tip, to the flight and catching thermals by defying gravity using mother nature and of course that perfect catch. This alone is truly a dream flight for this hobby in my opinion and pinon of thousands who are in fact hooked in DLG gliding.
  The attraction one gets from micro DLG gliders in comparison to full size glider planes is truly a category of its own. Any size RC gliders will in fact get attention, but it truly is an art form to master smaller size gliders.
High performance DLG Gliders  have flapperons which can be programmed in your radio, usually on a side dial switch or some like to use their throttle gimbal stick.
The labor that goes into making these hand launch rc gliders is truly difficult and an art form. That is the main reason why most gliders are in fact prices high in the market. Hand made from start to finish is what makes these gliders truly an art.
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