Radio Control Gliders & RC Airplanes

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RTF = Ready to Fly
BNF = Bind and Fly
ARF =  Almost ready to FLy

Flying radio control gliders and rc airplanes are often overlooked in this wonderful RC hobby. Most people think if an airplane doesn’t have a motor, how is it possible to stay afloat and even rise hundreds or even thousands of feet in the air. Desired gliding height via a DLG discus launch gliders to really make use of thermal is a very special feeling, the understanding of wind direction, cloud formation, thermal pockets and over all the understanding of lift.

Below you will find few sample images of various radio control gliders and RC gliders from different manufactures E-Flite, hobby lobby, horizon hobby, soaring usa, motion rc, tower hobbies, model flight, aloft hobbies, hyperflight, MODSTER, Hobbyzone, MULTIPLEX, Graupner SJ, Reichard and many more.

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