Radio controlled gliders for beginners

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Are you looking to get into radio control RC Airplanes?
Are you looking for that perfect RC Glider for beginners?
Modeling and flying radio controlled airplanes has never been easier and simple to get started. With today’s technology advancement in lipo batteries, full scale RC models and Micro RC models are extremely popular and fun to spend time outdoors with your family, kids, your friends and even by yourself.

What is the best RC glider for beginner pilots.

20 years of experience in flying, building, designing, and of course crashing hundreds of times, it is my pleasure to help any beginner rc pilot to choose the right radio transmitter and the right airplane to get you on  your feet in becoming an RC pilot in a short period of time, in this very addicting hobby we call RC.
There are two paths a new pilot can take when it comes to learning to fly rc planes and gliders. My very first suggestion is to start out with a flight simulator to practice flying radio controlled planes and hone your skills.  There are many advantages of learning how to fly RC planes, RC Gliders and RC Helicopters on a flight sim. First being you will crash many times, and i mean many times until you learn the concept of left, right, up and down movement on the sticks or gimbals. 
The first confusing hurdle a pilot must face in becoming an RC pilot is the up and down movement of the airplane using your radio system radio transmitter or radio control. Up or down is not directly a function of the stick. Up is down and down is up.
Forward movement of control stick causes the nose of an airplane or glider to pitch down. Backwards movement of the control stick will cause the nose of an aircraft to pitch up.
Using a flight simulator to learn the fundamentals of flight will save you money from crashing and up your learning curve dramatically as it will not discourage you from buying another expensive airplane and crashing once again while trying to learn the basics of flight.
Some of the top flight simulators you can purchase are:

RealFlight Classic RealFlight G2 RealFlight G3 / 3.5 RealFlight G4 / 4.5 RealFlight G5 / 5.5 RealFlight 6 / 6.5 Real Flight 7

Phoenix Flight Simulator
Aerofly Pro Deluxe
Great Planes Real Flight 7.5 or 8 – Best RC Helicopter Flight Simulator for Novices
Phoenix G6.5 G5 G4 – Best RC Helicopter Simulator
AccuRC Precision
Absolute RC Simulator
Great Planes 7 with Tactic TTX600
RC AirSim
Great Planes RealFlight – Basic Mode 2
Phoenix RC Pro V 5.0
Any one of the above will get  you far in becoming a pro RC pilot without spending thousands of dollars on real rc planes. Once you feel comfortable in flying and landing airplanes in the above RC simulators, then you are ready to take the next step and purchase your first rc airplane or rc glider.

But which airplane is best for beginner rc pilots?

Before beginner rc pilot gets exited wanting to purchase his or her own favorite airplane, its important to take into consideration a hand full of factors in choosing the correct airplane to practice on.
is the airplane self leveling? is the motor in the front of the airplane or back as a pusher? Is the airplane made from wood or foam or carbon fiber composite? Is the airplane heavy or light weight? Is the airplane fast or slow? How many channels is the airplane? Are the wings located on top of the fuselage, middle or lower wing like war birds? (low wing aircraft are a lot more difficult to control and stall very easily. Mid wing airplanes are neutral in flight and geared more towards speed and aerobatics, and high wing airplanes are usually gliders and docile aircraft with slow and gentle flight characteristics.)
These questions should be taken into consideration with new RC pilots as they will determine how well you learn, how quickly you learn without getting frustrated. 
Choosing a power glider with dihedral ( dihedral wing is advantages as it will helps you keep your wings auto level, assisting you stay level and not tip over ) wings along with the motor position on top of the wing will prevent the motor mount from breaking when you do crash. Fixing and gluing motor mount can be a tedious task, so picking an airplane with the motor mounted on top of the wings will save you the trouble. remember, you WILL crash, crash many times in fact, but that is how you learn.
Your glider must be made from foam and not balsa when  you are picking  your very first rc glider. Foam is easy to repair with a little bit of gorilla glue, you will be backup and flying in 10 minutes. Once you become a better pilot, you can fly balsa wood airplanes.

Here are some example of such rc airplane for beginner pilots:
Multiplex EasyStar Skysurfer X8 Bixler Hobbyking Bixler 3 VolantexRC Trainer WLtoys Sky Surfer Easy Star 2

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