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Precision UltraLight RC Glider – FireFly 2.0

After a very successful launch of the original UltraLight FireFly, the much-awaited FireFly 2.0 is finally here. With some major airfoil adjustments, an aerodynamic inline fuselage that will guarantee a much smoother flight with incredible slow speeds and virtually zero stall characteristics, the perfect recipe for caching thermals with ease. The combination of the root chord and tip chord airfoil design and enhanced reflex, (auto stable airfoil) allows for a more hands off level flight without the need for heavy ridge lifts or any headwind for that matter. Total weight of the glider is around 80 to 100 grams depending on the types of servo used and material used to cover the wings.
The wings can be left uncovered as well to save 10+- grams of weight. The FireFly 2.0 is powered by a single cell ( 1S 300mAh ) Lipo battery to actuate the servos and receiver.
Two sub micro 5gram servos with adequate torque of at least on a 4 volt battery is optimal. Click here to see a list of recommended servos.
The FireFly 2.0  is a 32″ inches wingspan DLG, HLG, bungee launch or hi start, slope soaring, thermal catching RC sailplane, designed for ultimate hang time due to its ultralight frame, improved wing area and low reynolds number, taking note laminar boundary at low reynolds numbers. Gliding at low weight range and greater wing area means you have better minimal sink rate, this simple concept has been lost in RC modeling due to heavy molded foams and composite material.

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Flight Videos of the FireFly 2.0

The FireFly 2.0 glider can be flown in 3 different variations.
1. Park DLG glider
2. Slope soaring glider
3. Bungee launch glider
FPV equipment can be added for first person soaring as well

Construction: light weight EXP foam, Carbon Fiber
Radio: any two channel radio with elevon mixing
Motor: no motor required ( motor can be attached for power flight if desired)


  • Wingspan: 32″ (812mm)
  • Length: 19.5″ (444mm)
  • Wing Area 212
  • Wing Loading 2.04 oz./sq.ft.
  • Flying Weight 3.31oz (94grams) +-
  • 2 channels (elevon mixing)
  • skill level – DLG or Slope gliding a plus/everyone


  • Both wing panels ( Black XPS ) ( spar slot pre-cut)
  • 2x Carbon spar for wings, 2x pushrods, 1x carbon tail spar
  • White XPS Pod panels & tail ( carbon fiber slot pre-cut)
  • 4x earth magnets ( for hatch)
  • Molex 2.0 2Pin Cable Male Connector ( for Molex female battery lead, see below )
  • glass fiber tow
  • 2x laser cut control horns
  • shrink tubes
  • z bends
  • aileron lamination film
  • bungee launch hook with carbon fiber
  • one evening of assembly time ( step by step video build guide )
  • very simple and intuitive build

Required to complete:

Covering your FireFly 2.0 wings

lamination covering film for rc glider airplane wings ultracoat monokote soliteBest covering film to use on your FireFly 2.0 wold be Solar Film. There is limited quantity of Solar Film Lamination in stock. Click here.
You may also use UltraCote, UltraCote park lite, MonoKote or TowerKote, monokote being the heaviest film and ultracoat being the lightest of this group.
Clover Mini iron ii, Mini plancha para patch, Mini-Bügeleisen MB-3415, Ming Yang sealing toolTo cover the wings of your glider, a heat iron can be used. Mini heat irons work best with variable heat adjustment. Few brand names to choose from that may be purchased from ebay or amazon are:
Clover Mini iron ii, Mini plancha para patch, Mini-Bügeleisen MB-3415, Ming Yang sealing tool
hanger 9 iron covering film heat monokote ultracote Large heat iron/sealing iron will work as well, make sure to use low heat. Both irons must have cloth sock on head to prevent iron from sticking to lamination film. Regular cotton sock can be used.

Required to complete:

2x 5 to 7 gram servos with at least .85kg/cm (4.8V) of torque  Click here for info metal gear MG blue arrow micro servos rc glider airplane
2 to 4 Channel receiver with max. width of 17mm & servo leads facing outward   Click here for info micro receiver rc airplane 4ch 6ch spektrum dsm dsm2 dsmx JR
250 to 300mAh 1s lipo battery Click here for more info 1s 300mah lipo battery for dlg hlg glider
Solar-Film Ultralight Lamination Film. Click here for more info lamination covering film for rc glider airplane wings ultracoat monokote solite green

US shipping: $6.89
 International shipping: $19
All orders are shipped within a two day period of placing order.
All US shipping include tracking number
International shipping includes customs number
Full refund will be issued if package is lost or not delivered

Customer Reviews and Feedback

i am enjoying flying my little beetle in the back yard, thank you MB for a great design and hoping to build the bigger version of the beetle in the near future, please 🙂


genius simple design that works, truly light weight fun, do be careful if you will be using lamination film for wing covering to use low heat to prevent the wings from bending, using tissue covering you will be just fine

an absolute joy to build fly and add to my micro fleet

Just found a Micro falon kit.Ill build it soon….Great company.!

this feather glider is a gem

This feather dlg is by far the best glider plane yet considering it has no ailerons. Most glider planes have both ailerons and rudder , but this ultralight dlg needs no ailerons, she says afloat days on end. this feather is incredibly light weight and super easy to control, even easier to build, what a gem.

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FireFly 2.0 UltraLight DLG RC Glider
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Phil Paramore
Great fun!

Feather2 was fun to build and is even more fun to fly! The kit is really nicely packaged and the video instructions make for a pleasant build. I have two Feather 2s and I couldn't be more happy with these purchases. They are a joy to fly and Micro Birds has been very responsive to my inquiries about various aspects of flying gliders, 3 thumbs up!!!! Keep up the good work!

 by BBking

I could not be happier with this firefly glider
This is such a great flying glider and light weight, we enjoyed the build process and learned a thing or two about building techniques, for the price and quality, i am veryhappy.. It's very durable too. I'm flying on a 300mah 1s pack and get around one hour of flying time, the CG right on the money at 45mm from the start of the wing airfoil
Love it. so pleased! !!

 by Greg
FireFly 2.0

Nice little glider that is easy to build. I never worked on foam before. I usually build balsa planes and I was amazed how easy it was to shape. It flies well even though I was a little sloppy on the build. I plan on buying another now that I have a little more experience working with foam. I definitely have fun chucking it around.

 by Phil
Super fun!

I have flown RC aircraft for going on 50 years. I fly power planes and 1 to 3 meter electric powered gliders primarily. When I saw video of the FireFly 2.0 I was captivated by the simplicity of the plane and it's ability to float on the slightest breezes. My kit arrived quickly. Packaging was attractive as well as functional. All contents were in good shape and accounted for. Building was simple and straight forward. Carefully following video instructions will yield a great little airplane that is a highly capable flier. Apply glue sparingly and try to keep the plane under 100 grams for peak performance. I have built 3 FireFly's and all are a bit heavier than 100 grams, one is actually 119 grams, and they all fly really well. The heavier the plane the higher winds it can handle (generally speaking) so if it is gusty or stiff breezes I fly the heavier plane and for no wind or searching for thermals I fly the ligher planes. It took me some time to get used to the sensitivity of the little birds to control inputs and adjustments. I think because they are so this way it is important to choose good quality servos for this application. The speed and accuracy of servo will make a difference in the performance of the craft for sure/ I installed LemonRx DSM2 4channel receiver in two of the planes and OrangeRX R410X as I use Spektrum 6 channel programmable transmitter. I put TGY 0025 servos in the lightest plane and Diamond D47 in the heavier model.. Kit fits together really well and was a pleasure to build. MicroBirds has been an excellent vendor. I have had a response to every email I have sent and have received a great deal of valuable information and encouragement from them. One of the best aspects of this new RC adventure for me is that I am approaching areas that I have been to before with a new eye. I am more aware of the terrain and the environment. Wind, wind speed, wind direction, topography and various features that were overlooked before now are front and center as I explore new places to fly these little birds, The wind is now my friend and I have found if it comes from the North I can fly on a small nearby hill at a park. If wind is from the South I can fly at a nearby fish hatchery where a small ridge creates more than enough lift for great flying. When there is no wind I can step out in my back yard and fly around by repeatedly launching and returning the plane to catch or land nearby. I am now addicted to gliding! So much fun. So exciting when the planes catch lift and start flying around like a powered craft! The planes are durable and I have crashed and repaired my "trainer" many times with poly glue. Like any new skill it takes time, patience and practice to improve but the rewards are great and if you love to learn and love to fly there is a lot here for you! Great product that does what it is supposed to do. Available at a reasonable price and backed up by a quality individual with years of expertise that he appears to be willing to share. This has been one of the very best purchases in my R/C modelling career and I am happy to support an honest and reputable vendor. Thank you MicroBirds! Keep up the good work!

 by Adelmo
FIrefly 2.0 for my son

My son who is 13 but not savvy with Gliders found your site and wanted the FIreFly DLG. I have a friend with a controller and he let me borrow it so I can see if my son can fly it before I spend money on a controller. First I tried to fly it with mixed results a couple nasty crashes but no damage to the Glider. I then let me son try it and he was actually better than me and he flew it at our local park and managed to give it hang time of 2 minutes until he lost control and it came down on the grass but its well made so nothing broke. Thank You Micro Birds now my son has a new hobby and can fly it pretty well after lots of practice. Im going to buy him a controller now. Once again thank you. I recommend this for adults and also teenage kids. This thing is a real gem. 🙂

 by Jonathan Tobis
Firefly 2 exceeded my expectations

i purchased my first FireFly 2 in hopes to glide and catch thermal lift right behind my home where a slight slope gravel leads to a wash, as the firefly is advertised to be one of the lightest rc gliders in the market, and sure enough she took air with ease, the lift was unbelievable form such a light weight glider mine was roughly 98grams with the battery
thank you for such a great glider kit

 by Clark C. Harrison
Thank you

having flown my alula glider for over 5 years i was looking for something half the wight and lee was kind enough to help me pick this wonderful glider it sure does catch thermals with no effort, i will need stronger servos for my next build