MKS HV75K Wide Voltage Super High Torque micro Servo

These beautiful full metal jacket ( aluminum) with metal gears is a thing of beauty in the world of  micro servos. MKS makes the highest quality servos in the RC hobby market. This here MKS HV75k is a wide voltage application, which means it can run on voltages from 3.7 all the way up to 8.2 V DC Volts, making it ideal for DLG Gliders of any size. Due to its super light weight footprint of 7.4 grams including wire leads, and a whopping torque of 19.4oz-in (1.4kg-cm) @3.7V, you are sure to have the strongest servo and the lightest providing with slick maneuvers with  your DLG glider or RC plane. If you can afford spending $66 for a single servo, these will last you a very long time and will keep your smile ear to ear.

Dead Band 0.001ms (Default)
Control System +Pulse Width Control
Working Frequence 1520μs / 333Hz
Operating Voltage 3.7 ~ 8.2 V DC Volts (for 2S ~ 1S LiPo)
Operating Temperature Range -10 to + 60 Degree C
Operating Speed (6V) 0.13 sec/60° degrees at no load
Operating Speed (7.4V) 0.10 sec/60° degrees at no load
Operating Speed (8.4V) 0.09 sec/60° degrees at no load
Stall Torque (6V) 2.30 kg/cm (31.9 oz/in)
Stall Torque (7.4V) 2.8 Kg/cm (38.88 oz/in)
Stall Torque (8.4V) 3.3 Kg/cm (45.83 oz/in)
Motor Type Coreless Motor
Potentiometer Drive Direct Drive
Driver Type FET
Bearing Type 1x Ball bearing + 1x Oil retaining bearing + x Jewel bearing
Gear Type 7075 Chrome-Titanium alloy gear
Dimensions 23 X 9 X 16.7 mm
Weight 7.4 g