Micro USB 1s Lipo Charger 4 Batteries at once

Charge your 1 cell lipo batteries on the go. This little USB charger can be plugged into any home computer USB port, or simply use your phone charger USB port to charge your micro 1s lipo batteries. Comes with 4 octopus arms to charge 4 batters at once. Charge your lipo batteries in less than 10 minutes.

1. Battery types: LiPo 3.7V  and Li-Hv 3.8V
2. Number of Cells: 1Cell Lipo
3. USB power supply interface input range: 5V±5% 0.5~2A
4. Battery charging interface voltage output range: 2.50~4.35V 1Cell LiPo or Li-Hv
5. Battery charging interface current output range: 500mA x 4CH USB 5V/2A
6. Battery charging termination voltage: LiPO type 4.20V±0.5%, Li-Hv type 4.35V ±0.5%
7. Battery charging interface power output range: 2.1W x 4CH USB 5V/2A
8. Display mode: 4 green LED indicator lights display three states independently(no batteries, charging, charging complete)
9. Support battery interface: mCPX, MOLEX, JST (Includes 4 extra micro JST 1.25mm plugs)
10. Product dimension: 102x22x12mm
11. Product weight: 15g

– USB standard power supply interface, simple operation, plug and play
– Four channels independent charging output, can charge four batteries simultaneously
– Also support lithium battery LiPO and high voltage lithium battery Li-Hv
– Support user key switch LiPO (3.7/4.20V) /Li-Hv (3.8/4.35V)
– The 4 LED lights indicate the charging state of the four channels independently, the charging process is flashing, and the charging is finished.
– Intelligent instructions to set the battery type, charging process LED slow flash for LiPO, charging process LED flash for Li-Hv
– Intelligent scanning battery access, no battery access, LED happy horse indicates the type of battery settings, from right to left for LiPO, left to right for Li-Hv

Package Included:
1x AOKoda CX405 Battery USB Charger
4x micro JST 1.25mm add on plugs

4 arm micro USB 1s lipo charger

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