Micro Beetle RC

246mm Micro Size Electric Super Slow RC Flyer

Available Summer of 2022

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Translating nature’s strategies into design

No other insect in the world can be found in such a variety of shapes, sizes and color like the beetle. Beetles are strong fliers over short distances with a stubby body and  two pairs of wings.

I have always been fascinated by wild life on our planet, with such complex assortment of insects and birds. 15 years of macro photography has helped me see beauty everywhere I look, in all the places I used to ignore. It has brought me into the moment and fills me with peace, as though meditating. Photographing and studying these tiny flying wonders around us, especially beetles and their unique flight characteristics has provided me the knowledge and template to design this super cute, super stable and fun 3 Channel radio controlled micro flying beetle.

The Micro Beetle has a wingspan of ONLY 10 inches, possibly worlds lightest and shortest wing span RC airplane. The detachable wings of the beetle provides easy transport along with the ability for the wings to detach upon an accidental crash, protecting the little bug from breakage. With a high wing configuration and a flying weight of only +-20 grams, the Micro Beetle flies through the air with such stability, one would only imagine how such a micro sized ship has the ability to soar the skies with such grace.
This little flying insect is sure to bring joy in the hands of RC enthusiasts, certainly an attention grabber.

Ultralight flying weight of only 20 – 24 grams, this Micro Beetle is laser cut using ultra light contest balsa wood and carbon fiber reinforcements.  Virtually indestructible, the Micro Beetle uses a 4 inch propeller coupled with a micro 2gram 50000Rpm geared motor which provides unlimited vertical climb on a 1s 150mah li-po battery, providing 8 minutes of flight time on a single charge.

Flight videos of the Micro Beetle

Your Micro Beetle comes with a step by step HD video build guide, providing simple and easy way to learn and follow directions building your beetle from start to finish.


weight: 20-24 grams
wingspan: 9.6” inches (246 mm)
wing area: 32 in²
Control : 2ch rudder/elevator
Battery : 150 mAh 1s
Receiver : AR6400
Propeller: 4.5 x 3 ultralight
Assembly : Easy ( step by step HD video build guide )
Skill Level : Hobby Enthusiasts
Wind Cond : 0-2mph

Kit Content:

UltraLight contest grade precision laser cut airfoil ribs/fuselage/ tail feathers/control horns, carbon fiber reinforcements, tissue paper for covering elevator, shrink tubing, double sided mount tape, velcro, Z bends, a 2 gram micro geared motor, 150mAh 1s lipo battery, ultralight propeller, standard PET transparent laminating film to cover elevator, battery charging 2pin wire plug. Black UltraLight lamination film & your color choice of sticker decals.


AR6400 DSM2 6-Channel Ultra Micro Receiver/ESC Click here for more info
Ultra Micro Brushed Motor and Gear Box Click here for more info
150mAh 1s lipo battery Click here for more info
138mm ( 5.4″ inch) ultralight propeller Click here for more info
1s Micro USB Battery Charger . Click here for more info

Battery Charger

To re-charge your lipo batteries, use any lipo charger that offers a 1s charging capability at .1 to .2 amps. Click here for more information on battery chargers.


Tools needed to complete the Beetle

1. Medium CA glue and Thin CA glue Click here for reference
2. Painters tape Click here for reference
3. Sand paper ( any grit )
4. Scissors
5. Xacto blade ( sharp with many tips to replace )
6. Scotch tape
7. Tweezers
8. Ruler
9. One free afternoon 🙂


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