MetaFly RC biomimetic Ornithopter Radio Control Flying Bird

An ornithopter is a flying machine that is adapted from the flapping of wings just like real birds. Counter rotating gear drive allows simultaneous flapping of its wings creating lift.
MetaFly is An absolutely unique biomimetic controllable flying bird, an Ornithopter where the wings flutter and flap creating lift. A unique way to enjoy the RC hobby.

This Bionic flapping bird is very small, its a micro size ornithopter you control using a 2 channel radio. your throttle flaps the wings and left stick controls direction.
The tail section seems to be very fragile, so more test flights will be had before i concluded if its worth spending $120 on this cute rc bird.
Flight Video of the MetaFly below


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  1. Fantastic – real flight. Just like the early days of hang-gliding that I became obsessed with in the 1970s, but with no broken legs at the days end. I later obtained my PPL licence at 60 , but was grounded at 68 , I’m now 75, still love flight and light aircraft !

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