Lemon Rx DSM2

Lemon Rx DSM2 Compatible 6-Channel Receiver with Diversity Antenna. The Lemon RX brand is another compatible Spektrum micro and light weight DSM2 and DSMx receiver. At only 4.5 grams, this receiver will also be an option for your ultralight gliders. This is a full range DSM2 with 6 channels and again the channel prongs facing outward, perfect to fit in a narrow pod bay. The price of the Lemon Rx is $35


Type:DSMX Compatible Full Range Receiver with Diversity Antenna
Number of Channel:6
Modulation:DSMX Compatible (Also DSM2 backward Compatible)
Band:2.4 GHz
Dimension:30(L) x 18(W) x 11(H)  mm
Voltage Range:3.45 – 8.4 V

1) Plug bind plug to the receiver.
2) Provide power to the unit. LED flashes quickly.
3) Enable bind mode in transmitter and ensure distance separation of 2 meters from receiver. Solid LED light means binding is completed.
4) Remove bind plug.