High Wing Trainer RC Airplane the Apprentice STS 1.5m RTF Smart with SAFE

This well designed high wing Cessna style airplane called the Apprentice could be a great trainer for beginning radio controlled pilots.

with a high wing configuration, you will greatly appreciate the docile flying characteristics of the Apprentice.

Horizon Hobby almost always includes their smart technology programming offering new pilots the ability to fly without the fear of crashing as their smart programming will auto correct your air ship if you happen to make a mistake during flight. This Safe technology although a great stepping stone for RC pilots just getting into the hobby, it is not recommended to keep using horizon hobbies safe and smart or even the AS3X technology for a very long time as it will detour the pilot from actually learning how to take control of their ship without using trainer wheels sort of speak.


Product Details

An exciting evolution of the world’s favorite “club” trainer, the E-flite® Apprentice® STS 1.5m features Spektrum™ Smart components and SAFE® technology—along with the option to add SAFE Plus® and Landing Assist Sensor technology—to make learning to fly easier than ever before!

Key Features
  • Based on one of the best platforms ever designed for learning to fly radio controlled (RC) airplanes—the Apprentice S 15e
  • Perfect for first-time pilots, experienced pilots that teach others to fly and club training programs
  • Official Trainer of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and many clubs worldwide
  • Exclusive SAFE® technology from Horizon Hobby makes it easy to learn to fly
  • Easily upgrade to SAFE Plus GPS-enabled technology to add AutoLand, Virtual Fence and Holding Pattern features