Micro Remote Control RC Glider

Micro Balsa UltraLight DLG RC Glider – FlingShot

The first of its kind with a 24″ wingspan 100% hand made using competition grade balsa wood with light weight carbon fiber. Total weight of 43+-grams. Finding that perfect spot to soar above tree tops at your local park, catching thermals with ease, that zen.

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FlingShot DLG Kit
  • Precision modified AG45 airfoil 24″ competition grade balsa wings
  • Airfoil tail feathers: horizontal and vertical
  • Fiberglass cloth for joining wings
  • Carbon Fiber boom (super light weight)
  • Carbon fiber push rods 2x
  • Hand carved foam pod (ultra light weight and durable )
  • Carbon strips for tail feathers (installed)
  • (carbon launch peg, control horns, shrink tubes, z-bend etc.)
  • Carbon Fiber Tow to lay over XPS pod


Glider Specs
  • Wing Span @ 24″
  • Wing Area @ 69.3 sq. in.
  • Flying Weight @ -+43 grams
  • Wing Loading @ oz/3.12sq.ft
  • Airfoil = modified AG45
  • Construction = competition balsa, high grade carbon boom


Temporarily out of stock?
Click here for a fully ribbed 28″ wingspan version.

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