Feather Squared UltraLight Balsa DLG Radio Controlled Glider

UltraLight Micro F3k DLG RC Glider

Worlds lightest radio control rc glider. DLG or discus launch gliders are quite popular in today’s wonderful RC hobby. Yet simple in design, but advanced in flight. Soar to great heights with this here 28.5″ inch wingspan balsa wood construction and carbon fiber inlay, catching thermals has never been easier. Due to its ultralight weight of roughly 45 to 50 grams, slope soaring or park gliding is quite the dream with such an aircraft this size. This is the perfect size radio control glider to carry, mount to your back pack for those adventurous mountain biking trails, trying to find that perfect spot to soar with mother nature.

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Wing-span : 28.5″ (736mm)
Wing-area : 113 sq/in.
Wing-loading : 1.89 oz./sq.ft
Weight : 43-47 grams+-
Control : 2ch rudder/elevator
Manufacturer : MicroBirds
Fuselage : Carbon Tube
Wings : Balsa Wood
Version : Kit
Battery : 150mAh 1s
Receiver : 2-4ch micro
Assembly : Easy
Skill Level : Everyone/DLG +
Wind Cond : 0-15mph

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