Extreme Flight 60″ inch wingspan Edge 540T EXP V2

The Extreme Flight 60″ 540T is light weight in comparison to V1 and has an amazing 3D performance. Designed with balance in mind, the Edge 540T  is capable of pretty much any maneuver in the book. V2 offers a  stronger and lighter air frame, resulting in longer flight time with its incredible 3D and pattern flight performance.

Optional Side Force Generator winglets come with the Edge 540 granting amazing knife edge performance and yaw axis authority.




Wingspan: 60 inches
Length: 58.5 inches
Wing Area: 735 sq. in.
Weight: 5 – 6lbs

Power System

Motor: Xpwr 22CC Motor
ESC: Airboss 80
Prop: Xoar 16 x 7
Battery: 6S 3300- 4000mAh LiPo