(DLG) Scratchbuild Discuss Launch Glider Planes

DIY Scratchbuild DLG Discuss Launch Gliders Tips

A radio controlled model sailplane or DLG glider Discus Launch Glider
in which the sailplane is held by a wingtip carbon fiber peg and spun  around and released. This DLG method of launching a glider can in deed  achieve launch heights of 100 to over 300 feet in the air which all depends on the aerodinamics of the glider and of course the method/technique used and strength of the individual launching the rc glider.

Key factor in achieving greater heights and longer flights will depend on a few factors, weigh being one important equation. Lighter in weight an RC glider, chances of catching a thermal will increase exponentially. These gliders of course are motorless and driven strictly by mother nature using head wind, thermal lift and a great deal of technique.
This requires understanding the basic principles of flight.

fluid dynamics
Gravity force or Weight
Lift and Drag which are fundamentals of aerodynamic forces.
AOA Angle of Attack
usage of different airfoils
Bernoulli Principle
Newton’s Laws of Motion
Principia ( Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica )
force equals mass times acceleration or F=m·a. which is as we all know Newton’s third law which states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

After learning the fundamentals of flight, we can move on to understanding electronics needed to create a flying machine.


  • power source or Lipo Batteries ( to power control surfaces)
  • Servo’s
  • Receivers
  • Transmitters
  • Cables and connections

Next we have materials needed to complete this project:

  • Carbon Fiber tubes, Flat carbon rods, solid carbon pushrods
  • glue ( gorilla glue, epoxy glue, CA glue )
  • rules
  • cutting mat board
  • Xacto knives
  • Disposable Brushes
  • pliers, z bend,
  • screw drivers of all sizes and shapes
  • face mask for dust protection
  • lamination cover films
  • scissors
  • dremel tool with different tips
  • hot wire cutter
  • foam planks and foam sheets ( EPP, EPS, XPS, Depron )
  • Scale ( grams, Ounces )
  • Heat gun and or Hot iron Sealing Iron