KST X06 HV Micro Digital Metal Gear UltraLIght RC Glider Airplane servos high performance

KST x06Servos are high end, ultra light weight that delivers RC glider pilots and soaring enthusiasts the best performance in their chosen glider setup. These KST X06 servos are super compact and light weight, ideal for F3K and F5K gliders. Features. Compact and light weight design Excellent torque and speed Designed for high performance RC … Read more

MKS-DS65K Micro MG Servos UltraLight Strong Mini

Worlds smallest, lightest and strongest micro servos for your radio controlled airplane, radio controlled glider and RC toys. Constructed of aluminum shell and gears, this little powerhouse comes at a cost of $70, but well worth the money if you are looking for quality servos for your RC hobby.   Details SKU MKS-DS65K Quantity in … Read more

High Wing Trainer RC Airplane the Apprentice STS 1.5m RTF Smart with SAFE

This well designed high wing Cessna style airplane called the Apprentice could be a great trainer for beginning radio controlled pilots. with a high wing configuration, you will greatly appreciate the docile flying characteristics of the Apprentice. Horizon Hobby almost always includes their smart technology programming offering new pilots the ability to fly without the … Read more

Skydio 2 Skydio X2 Drone Quad Copter

The Skydio X2 and the Skydio 2 will be ready to ship Q4 of 2020. A quick review, this drone is made in the USA, unlike the DJI, true the DJI phisical shop is in the US but parts and manufacturing is in China. at a price range of $1000, the Skydio drone comes with … Read more

Extreme Flight 60″ inch wingspan Edge 540T EXP V2

The Extreme Flight 60″ 540T is light weight in comparison to V1 and has an amazing 3D performance. Designed with balance in mind, the Edge 540T  is capable of pretty much any maneuver in the book. V2 offers a  stronger and lighter air frame, resulting in longer flight time with its incredible 3D and pattern … Read more


Graphene, a recently discovered alternate form of carbon is slowly coming out of the university laboratories into commercial use. It is nearly impossible to overstate the many possible uses for this new material, 200 x stronger than steel. When mixed into concrete, or rubbers it bonds and makes them far stronger. It is the best … Read more