AR6400 AR6410L RX244 DSM2 Ultra Micro Receiver Built in Liner Servos 5 Channel

5CH AR6400 RX244 Micro Receiver 2x Linear Servos + 2 open channel ports

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The AR6410/AR6410L/AR6400/RX244 receiver is designed for ultra micro aircraft and is ideal for scratch-built ultra micro projects. The AR6410/AR6410L receiver is designed to use a single cell LiPo battery. Two sizes are available, 3.7V 110mAh and 3.7V 70mAh. The integrated brushed speed controller can be used to power a brushed motor drawing up to 2 amps of continuous current or an optional brushless speed controller can be used. An integrated X-Port feature allows for future expansion. When X-Port technology is active, CH5 and CH6 are not available; however, reversed aileron (CH2) is still available.

Radio Band: Spektrum
Force: 2.8 oz/79.4 g 
Stroke: 0.36 in /9.1mm 
Speed: 0.14 sec 

Speed Controller:
Type: Integrated brushed  Max Continuous Current: 2.0 amps

Two integrated linear servos (elevator and rudder) plus two additional servo ports Integrated brushed speed control Long 0.36 in (9.1mm) servo throw for 3D aerobatics Compatible with external brushless speed controls (optional) 1mm JST connections Weighs just 3.9 grams Small, compact footprint Single LiPo operation

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These receivers are extremely delicate and must be taken care of. Always make sure when landing your airplane your landing area is grass or an area without dirt or  gravel. There are 4 small gears that run the linear servos and these gears must not have any pebble or smallest debris lodged. always check and make sure the gears are loose and spinning freely by rotating them with your thumbs back and forth. If the smallest particle is stuck in these gears, the movement will be hauled causing the motor to burn.

These motors however can be replaced, please contact me if your gears are no longer moving the servo arms. Spare replacement motors are available.

We are not responsible for damaged gears or motors on these receivers. These micro Receivers are brand new factory sealed and working as they should.