Concept CX4 DLG Carbon fiber discus launch rc glider airplane radio control

Concept CX4 Carbon fiber discus launch rc glider airplane radio control

The CX4 was once part of Senior’s quest in pursuing a layout that can handle the tough winds that seems to continually show up throughout large competitions. With that in mind, the standards for the aircraft had to be that it need to have quickly acceleration, a appropriate L/D (or, range), exact launch, and nonetheless preserve its flight conduct timid sufficient to without a doubt release the plane’s potential.

What Senior created used to be precisely that, and created an immediately following with the layout in the US, and then spreading over to Europe and Asia. A trait that seemed to shock pilots most used to be the ease and capability for pilots to fly the aircraft to its potential, some thing that is rare with planes of high performance, often requiring a lot of time tweaking, tuning, and stick time to perfect.

This is the top-drive version of the CX4 constructed in the Czech Republic. This partnership has allowed the CX4 to be produced in higher numbers than until now possible, which has made it feasible for us to carry to greater pilots and hold the expenditures down.