4 gram EMAX ES9051 micro digital servos

UltraLight Mini Powerful servos

With a very thin profile, these little servos will fit in your rc airplane wings without a problem. Very light weight at 4 grams with amazing torque and speed, the emax es9051 is a winner in our book of servos for  your mini and micro size RC projects. We use these servos for our 4s super fast mini RC jet.

Operating voltage: 3.6-5.3V
Operating speed: 4.8V/0.09s /60°
Stall torque: 4.8V/0.8kg. cm
Dimension: 19.7×8.3×23.2mm
Weight: 4.1g
Terminal: FUT; JR


  • Has fast reaction, low failure rate, long service life and high accuracy and efficiency with flexible to control.
  • These servos are waterproof, ideal choice for RC FPV helicopter, boat and car and fixed wing aircrafts.
  • With bearing, masses of torque, excellent speed, the gear set and case are super tough.