2.4 gram micro coreless servos

UltraLight Micro Powerful servos

These little servos weigh just 2.5 grams and provide enough torque and speed for your smaller scale RC airplane. These are analog High Speed coreless micro servos with great performance incredible efficiency, and low power consumption suitable for use in your fixed wing gliders or airplanes.

Motor Type:Coreless
Case material:Plastic
Gear material:Plastic
Bearing Type:No bearing
Weight: 2.4g / 0.1oz (not include wires weight)
Dimension:20*8.2*16.3mm³ / 0.8*0.3*0.6in³
Operation Voltage:4.8-6V
Torque: 0.7kg-cm/4.8V; 0.8kg-cm/6.0V 10oz-in/4.8V; 11oz-in/6.0V
Speed:0.08sec/60°/4.8V; 0.07sec/60°/6.0V
Pulse Width:900-2100
Dead band width:4μs
Wire Plug:JR
Operating Temperature:-10 to 60 centigrade
Application: Smaller scale/micro RC airplanes