10A Amp ESC Electronic Speed Controller RC

These light weight speed controllers can be used for your micro RC projects. Perfect size and weight for RC airplanes, RC drones, RC helicopters and RC Cars.


SimonK firmware, gives you the perfect solution for multirotors drones and RC airplanes.
Highest efficiency 100% N-FET design.
Highest accuracy with Crystal Oscillator (Temperature won’t affect the PWM operating range like other cheap ESC’s).
No low voltage cutoff, because any cutoff in a multirotor = crash.
No over temp cutoff, because any cutoff in a multirotor = crash.
Super high refresh rate, no buffering of the input signal, resulting in more than 490Hz response rate.
16KHz motor frequency, giving fastest response of the motor, and quietest operation as well (no 8KHz squeal).


Peak current: 20A (10s)
Drive current: 10A (Max: 13 A/10S)
Voltage: 2-3S Lipo battery
BEC: 5V/3A
Weight: 10 g
Size: 23.5x15x 6.1
Compatible signal frequency:30Hz – 499Hz