1.7g Micro Digital Servos 1mm pitch

Ultralight Micro Digital Servo 1.7g

These are by far the smallest micro servos for micro rc planes and gliders with efficient torque, weight and speed. At 1.7 grams using micro JST 1.00mm plugs that will plug into your micro receiver e.g RX42-D DSMx ESC  Micro Receiver


Weight: 1.7g
Speed: 0.05sec 60deg @ 4.8v / 0.04sec 60deg @6.0v
Torque: 0.17kg @ 4.8v / 0.18kg @ 6.0v
Dead Band: <4us
Plug: Micro JST – 1.00 Pitch
Gear Material: Plastic
Gear Type: Digital

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