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UltraLight RC Airplanes and Glider kits designed for maximum lift

RC Gliders sailplanes or Discus Launch Gliders ( DLG ) are typically small to large sized radio controlled airplanes that are propelled using a discus launch method by holding the wing tip of the DLG glider. Bungee launch or hi-start is an alternative method of launching your glider. RC gliders also have the ability to ridge lift or slope soarslope gliding with a little help from mother nature. Gain altitude without the use of a motor is a feeling hard to describe. Mother nature provides us with all the tools from thermal lift to wind power granting us hours of relaxation in nature.

What is the purpose of lift? It is to hold an airplane up in the air by countering the effects of weight (gravity). The simple fundamentals of weight (W = mg) ( The weight of an aircraft is a limiting factor in aircraft design ) for officiant flight has been lost and overlooked in today’s model RC gliders and RC airplanes.

Weight and lift are uniform measurements when an airplane flies level at constant velocity. Excess weight requires more lift and therefore more thrust, which is why heavier airplanes take longer to lift off in comparison to lighter weight aircraft. (Weight opposes lift )

A glider with the least amount of weight has the potential to gain altitude with ease.

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Discus Launch RC Gliders ( DLG )

Mechanics of flight

Learning the art of catching thermals and understanding wind flow/direction, the use of rudder to control yaw, air speed,  increasing lift increases drag, fundamentals of flight.
The difference in pressure between the top and bottom surface of an airplane wing results in the force we call lift. Aerodynamics divide the force produced by a glider's wings into two parts.  They call these “Lift” and “Drag”.
Lift: The aerodynamic force produced by the wings perpendicular (at right angles) to the on coming airflow.
Drag: The aerodynamic force exerted on the wings parallel (in line) with the oncoming airflow.

How can i help you?

Every single human being has a level deep inside their mind that will bring total calmness. Meditation gives you that space between you and your body, between you and your mind.

Flying RC Gliders has been proven to bring forth tangible benefits, in particular a more restful and focused mind. I have found myself able to concentrate deeply on the task at hand, to better adjust the volume on distracting background noise of ever growing stressful lifestyle we all encounter day by day.

If you are new to this wonderful RC hobby, here you can find some helpful information on building a hand launch glider or DLG. Find out what the best DLG glider is for beginners.

With RC gliders, the fun factor starts with the knowledge to utilize  environmental forces of mother nature such as wind, thermals, altitude, the heat and the cold. Being mindful of your surrounding, taking in a deep breath of fresh air and dancing with nature.  This might take years of practice for some, but the experience is quite meditative and breathtaking.

RC Thermal Soaring – Thermal lift is when warm air rises from the earths surface due to the suns warmth. Similar to hot air balloons as hot air is less dense than cool air, the heated air causes the balloon to rise. Buoyancy is an upward force that the air exerts helping in the lift factor.  As long as warm air rises on a continues rate, your rc glider will be able to sustain continuous lift.

RC Slope Soaring –  Slope Soaring or Ridge Lift is when wind hits the face of a cliff side or the side of a hilltop.  When wind hits a slope surface, the direction of the wind is forced upward generating lift. 

Customer Reviews

Amazing little gift

I've been into radio control gliders for a very long time (38 years ) and have flown a myriad of rc gliders powered and non powered of all sizes, with my page slowly getting upthere in the 60's, i decided to try out something smaller in scale and boy let me tell you how happy i was and am in stumbling on this little Feather Glider. such a well designed ship, i now own two and happily will purchase more to stockpile for future flights if need be. This glider is a real keeper! Don't be fooled by its micro size, she stays afloat like the big boys. thank you Microbirds for such a wonderful gem design

Superb kit!

Ordered the kit for UK delivery. Upon delivery I was very impressed with kit quality, how it is boxed and presented- very well thought out and complete. You really do only need tools, epoxy, CA, hinge tape and sandpaper. The feather was great fun to construct and goes together very quickly- accuracy of laser cut parts is, again, very good.
Test flights demonstrated the Feather is very stable, easy to fly and really is a little floater.
I will be covering my feather in Oralight as the tissue sagged after about 10 minutes- here in the North of England it’s quite wet so Oralight will permit flying in wet/ damp conditions.
Overall very pleased with purchase which I believe represents good value for the money. Hats off to the designer!

Feather Squared

I share MicroBirds’ ethos and enthusiasm for small, light weight model gliders. I am typically a scratch builder; however, I really enjoyed watching the Feather Squared development process on You Tube and I wanted to support MicroBirds continuing efforts by purchasing the kit. I found the materials provided in the kit to be complete and of high quality. I also appreciated the comprehensive build video. This kit can be built per the plans by a builder of almost any skill level; however, it can also serve advanced builders who may want to add their own touches. I was able to build the kit within the specified weight budget and have had great experiences with the initial, and continuing, flights.

Feather Squared

Presently working on completing my kit. I’m based outside the US and had no problems ordering and getting my order shipped to my country. It was a smooth, trouble free transaction. My kit arrived well packed to ensure it would survive international travel from the US and the rough handling of my local country’s package delivery service. It’s everything I want to find in a kit - it contained all of the necessary materials to assemble and cover the plane excluding of course the receiver, battery and servos. The kit seller is great to deal with, easy to communicate with and promptly responds to all inquiries. I’m looking forward to completing and flying my Feather.

Great fun!

Feather2 was fun to build and is even more fun to fly! The kit is really nicely packaged and the video instructions make for a pleasant build. I have two Feather 2s and I couldn't be more happy with these purchases. They are a joy to fly and Micro Birds has been very responsive to my inquiries about various aspects of flying gliders, 3 thumbs up!!!! Keep up the good work!

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