Solar-Film Ultralight Lamination Film

Solar-Film is an Iron-on self-adhesive plastic lamination film (polypropylene) ultralight for lightweight models. Solar-Film is the lightest weight lamination film in the market at only 20 grams per sq metre. (0.6 ounces per square yard)

Solar-Film has an Iron-on self-adhesive on one side providing the ease of application on your model airplane an ease with a heat iron. This film is perfect for smaller and lightest weight model aircrafts.

For indoor models and park flyers.

Iron-on and then heat shrink. Very easy to apply with excellent shrinkage. Iron temp from 80°c to a maximum of 120°c

Length 27″ x Width 15″
( this size is enough to cover your Feather² Squared glider wings )
( This size is enough to cover your FireFly 2.0 wings top only )
( This film is no longer in production, Limited quantity of Solar-Film will be in stock )

4 colors in stock ( Black, White, See-through clear, See-through green )

To cover the wings of your glider, a heat iron can be used. Mini heat irons work best with variable heat adjustment. Few brand names to choose from that may be purchased from ebay or amazon are:
Clover Mini iron ii
Mini plancha para patch
Mini-Bügeleisen MB-3415
Ming Yang sealing tool

Solar-Film Ultralight Lamination Film