Aircraft Receivers

Micro Receivers are perfect for variety of applications due to their size and weight. Depending on your radio transmitter you will have a few options to choose from

For Spektrum Transmitters, here is a list of micro and nano receivers.

  • Spektrum SR3500 micro receiver at 6.6 grams
  • REDCON CM421 2.4G 4CH Full-Range DSM2
  • Lemon Rx DSM2 Compatible 6-Channel Receiver with
  • OrangeRx R410X DSMX Compatible 4Ch/6CH PWM/CPPM 2.4Ghz Receiver

For FrSky transmitters, here is a list of micro and nano receivers

  • FrSky R9 Mini 900MHz Long Range Receiver.
  • Tiny Frsky 8CH Receiver

1 Spektrum SR3500 Rc Micro Receiver
2 REDCON CM421 Rx Micro Receiver
3 Lemon Rx DSM2 Rx Micro Receiver
4 OrangeRx R410X Micro Receiver DSM
5 Tiny Frsky 8CH Rx Micro Receiver
6 FrSky R9 Mini Rx Micro Receiver
7 Lemon Rx  Nano DSM2 receiver
8 RX410 Nano Rx Micro Receiver
9 4CH Nano Receiver DSM Rx Receiver