Micro FlingShot DLG Glider

The first of its kind with a 24″ wingspan 100% hand made using competition balsa wood and  light weight carbon fiber. With a weight of -+43 grams, its light enough to fly at 5 to 10mph winds or even more fun on a warm day whether a cloud is forming or decaying, finding that perfect spot to glide over trees at your local park catching thermals, i must say its a dream.

This micro FlingShot requires no assembly every time you take her to the park. once built, you just charge the battery and off you go. Its small enough to flit in any car, a trunk glider if you will.

FlingShot DLG Glider Kit
  • Precision modified AG45 airfoil 24″ competition balsa wings
  • Symmetrical airfoil tail feathers: horizontal and vertical (competition balsa)
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • Carbon Fiber Roll Wrapped boom (super light weight)
  • Carbon fiber push rods 2x
  • Hand carved foam pod (ultra light weight and durable )
  • Carbon strips for tail feathers
  • All essential accessories (carbon launch peg, control horns, shrink tubes etc.)

Glider Specs

  • Wing Span @ 24″
  • Wing Area @ 69.3 sq. in.
  • Flying Weight @ -+43 grams
  • Wing Loading @ oz/3.12sq.ft
  • Airfoil = modified AG45
  • Construction = competition balsa, high grade carbon boom